About us

1783 – Dimora d’Epoca is a haven of the heart and it was all Nando’s idea.

Nando’s dream was always to safeguard the bond with his homeland of Puglia.

In 2017, after having worked for many years in consumer goods and luxury sector marketing, his career was winding down and he decided to turn page and begin a new story: Dimora d’Epoca. A timeless place, to be handed down from one generation to the next Not long after, his daughter Chiara decided to leave behind her life in Milan, after working in the luxury goods sector and in publishing, heading south to Locorotondo to join her father.

All about Nando

A romantic and a gentleman but he also has a practical side. He travels, he’s curious about the everyday life of people he meets. He is a true host who loves to cook and take good care of the people he loves and those who decide to share their story with him.

All about Chiara

A simple soul who seeks beauty in small things, in films and books, in places that inspire peace. She likes to learn about other people’s lives and lose herself in their stories.

The name and the logo

The original engraving on the entrance lintel inspired 1783 as a name. It was right there, carved in ancient stone.

We decided to frame the engraving on the ground floor, and to redesign an element dear to 1783 – Dimora d’Epoca.

So on the highest cummersa* there is an ancient engraving of a flower.

*Locorotondo houses typically have a sloping roof called a “cummersa”, made of chiancarelle tiles.